A Brief, Interesting History of Casino Games & Gambling

Posted on April 13th, 2015 by Carte Blanche Casino A Brief, Interesting History of Casino Games & Gambling

Casino and gambling games offer an intriguing history. Gambling has been around for centuries or longer. The sense of risk comes from within us, so it’s probable that we’ve been gambling since the very beginning, taking risks for the outcome of money, possessions, or even love. Some research shows signs of gambling inside one of the pyramids in Egypt.

Eventually we figured out that our brains gain satisfaction from the risk of losing, and after time, gambling style gaming was born. Then casinos changed the game, creating an entire new style of gambling for fun.

Since then, casino gambling has grown into a large selection of varying games. These different games offer different types and levels of risk and play style. Some games deliver the thrill of chance on a large jackpot, while others offer lower rewards with higher win ratios.

Casino theme parties and receptions are perfect for fun or for formal events like weddings and corporate parties. Head back to the main page to get ideas on what you can include at your “casino”. For example, we provide rentals for casino games, as well as photo booth and margarita machine.

Complete your party with handmade decorations and casino themed treats.

Consider some of the ideas below for your party:

  • Roulette Wheel Cupcakes & Poker Chip Cookies
  • Playing Card Coasters
  • Black, White & Red Clothing
  • Dice & Cards in a Serving Bowl

For more great ideas, see what other people have done in the past. Pinterest has several boards offering delicious desserts and perfect casino theme party decorating ideas!

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