Casino Themed Bachelor Parties are Ideal

Posted on July 3rd, 2014 by Carte Blanche Casino Casino

“Throw a casino party and hit the jackpot” is one of the sayings Carte Blanche Casino likes to say, and with good reason. In the Dallas, TX area, Carte Blanche brings “the casino” to you—your house, your venue, you name it!

Okay, so your buddy is getting married and you’re the best man. You know what that means: you’re throwing the bachelor party dude. And it better be one to remember, right? How about a casino bachelor party where you and the boys play games like craps and poker? Get your cigars out, have a drink, and gamble for fun—it’ll be a damn good time together before the formality of the wedding.

Hey, yeah you could all fly to Las Vegas, but why bother when Carte Blanche Casino can bring the casino to you in Dallas, Fort Worth, Metroplex and surrounding areas. Whether you want professional dealers or just want to rent the casino party equipment, Carte Blanche can hook you up. And the price to throw a casino bachelor party won’t break the bank, thankfully.

Bachelor parties are the rare occasion to have all the guys together in one place without the wives and girlfriends. Now you know there could be a lot of things that *could* happen at the bachelor party, and having a casino setting is a great set-up for an awesome night of debauchery—or just gambling—depending on how wild and crazy the group is.

Dude, don’t put off planning the bachelor party for your buddy. Call Carte Blanche Casino at 214-680-4136 so they can help set-up the shindig and make it happen.


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