Casino Themed Party – You Need Decorations

Posted on May 26th, 2016 by Carte Blanche Casino

We’ve all been to specialty-themed parties before and let’s be honest, some have been better than others.

We all have our different reasons why, but we could all agree that if the theme isn’t done right, the party doesn’t work.

That’s why for a casino party, it’s imperative you decorate your house with the right stuff.

Try Some of These Decorations

Casino Themed Party - You Need Decorations

What’s The One Thing You See At Any Casino? Cards!

So, for your party, you should have the four suits all over your home including the plates, napkins, and even the table cloth.

Another great decoration would be to have a custom sign made for the entrance of your home or your front yard.

Have it covered with items from a casino such as chips, the four suits or slot machine icons. You could also cover the walls of your home with a room roll with slot machines or tables on it.

This would help give your guests that larger than life feeling of being in a casino while you all play together.

Don’t Have Real Casino Tables?

You could buy table covers and make it look like you and your guests are gambling on an actual blackjack or poker table.

Carte Blanche Casino offers casino-style party packages for events of every size including corporate and personal parties.

Our purpose is to make sure you and your guests are entertained and our casino equipment guarantees you will be.

For more information on our available rentals or packages, please contact us at 214-680-4136 today!


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