Corporate Party Ideas – Casino Event

Posted on June 25th, 2015 by Carte Blanche Casino

As a boss you look at your employees differently then they look at you. You look at them as people who come in and do the best that they can do, at the tasks given to them by you. You are the person who delegates, be it for the smaller details or the larger picture; you are the gatekeeper of work.

Your employees, and yourself, work hard for your paychecks, but all work and no play makes for an office environment that will make the work environment stiff. Have your employees and yourself cut loose a little and have fun. For a treat, give them the feeling that you have taken them all to Las Vegas by bringing Las Vegas to them!

Carte Blanche Casino specializes in bringing the feeling of Las Vegas to you with their specially designed parties. Carte Blanche Casino’s main purpose is to entertain your guests and make them feel relaxed, and this exercise encourages fun with the opportunity to learn about and play classic casino games like Blackjack or Roulette with the workforce.

Come and relax at the table while drinking a margarita from the five gallon, fast-freezing margarita machine that allows you the ability to mix your favorite flavors for up to 100 guests!

Carte Blanche Casino has several plans and prices that are able to fit any budget, ensuring a great time for all of your employees and yourself. Contact us today to schedule your casino themed party!


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