Keeping Poker Fresh and Fun: Island Stud and Let-It-Ride

Posted on September 6th, 2013 by Carte Blanche Casino

It’s hard not to notice how popular poker has become in the last few decades. With the game taking over more casino space and primetime slots on television, players have been left hungry for new variations on the classic card game. The casinos have answered, introducing games like Island Stud and Let-It-Ride, putting a fresh spin on five-card poker. Both games are loads of fun for poker lovers looking to develop new strategies and skills.

In Island Stud, the game begins with each player putting down an ante bet. They also have an option of partaking in the “progressive jackpot”, which will pay out a large, pre-set sum for a flush or higher, regardless of the outcome of the hand. Five cards are dealt to all players including the dealer, yet only one card of the dealer’s hand is revealed to the table. Each player must keep his hand to himself, and decide whether to fold or place a new bet of twice the amount of the ante.

The dealer then reveals the remainder of his hand. If it has both an ace and a king or forms a pair or better, it qualifies for play against the table. Any player that can beat it takes even money on the ante and additional winnings on the bet based on how good his hand is. However, if the dealer’s hand does not qualify, players take only even money on the ante, and the bet pushes. If a qualifying hand beats any player, the dealer takes both the ante and bet. It’s a simple game involving a great deal of potential strategy.

Let-It-Ride is another relatively simple spin on poker. Wagers are placed on the table, with each one split into three equal parts. After doing so, each player receives three cards, with two community cards placed face down on the table. After looking at their cards, they have the opportunity to reduce their bet by 1/3. After one community card is turned over, each player has a second chance to reduce his bet, again by 1/3 of the full amount. The second community card is revealed, and winnings are distributed to players with two pair of 10s or better, based on how much of their bet is left on the table. When you “let it ride”, you have the greatest chance for a big win.


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