Make This School Year Memorable With A Casino Party

Posted on September 14th, 2015 by Carte Blanche Casino Make This School Year Memorable With A Casino Party

With summer winding down, college students all over the country will soon be heading back to school to start a new semester. This also means fraternities will be operating again with existing members looking to add new faces.

They can throw a regular party to try and get members in the door but if they really want to make an impression a Casino themed party is one way to get boys to pledge.

Get The Year Started Right!

For the party, you would have to rent out tables for each of the casino games you want to have there. Now as many know most college students are broke so when they gamble with these games it would be great to just use chips with no value.

However, if someone is to win whether it is big or small, you could offer them a prize to take home with them that would help make the event memorable. That way, people will stay at the tables longer as well as spending more time at the party.

What’s also great is that you will be able to entertain your guests because the rentals will come with their own dealers.

That way you can converse with potential pledges instead of spreading your brothers out among the tables.

Carte Blanche Casino offers Las Vegas style party packages perfect for any event including fraternity parties. We will make sure your guests have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime. For more information on our packages or services, please contact us today!


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