School Sports Fundraising Casino Events

Posted on March 10th, 2015 by Carte Blanche Casino School Sports Fundraising Casino Events

Sports teams for high schools are always looking for unique ways to fundraise. Particularly a school official or coach might look for money when it comes to the new acquisition of team apparel, supplies, gear, or for the money to be able to travel for games or matches. Car washes can be beneficial when it is car washing season, selling candy bars is a semi quick way to accumulate money, but what about those time when you need a heap of money to accommodate those travel needs?

That’s where something like a fundraising casino party can come in. Visitors of all ages can take part in the casino parties, and the student athletes can work as the dealers or game managers for the party. Participants can “buy in” for a certain amount of “casino cash” and go to the games to play their game of choice, Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and the like.

School Sports Fundraising Casino Events

Casino Party Accessories

To encourage more participation and increase the fun, you can add more to the casino party. For starters, adding a photo booth can add a unique element to the casino party. Pictures with the athletes, or coaches, even team photos can make for way to get donations. Anyway you go, a photo booth will help keep the visitors entertained and will provide a pictorial scrapbook that helps tell the story of the special day.

Carte Blanche Casino can help with your fundraising needs. Check out the party prices and if you are in the Garland, Texas area, contact Carte Blanche for more information.


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