Time to Hit the Beach… and Gamble?

Posted on August 5th, 2015 by Carte Blanche Casino

With the summer in full swing, many people will be backing up their sunscreen and bathing suits and hitting the nearest beach. Now when they get there most will take part in the normal activities like volleyball or throwing the football around.

However, what happens when the sun goes down? Sure you could build a fire and relax, but what if you’re looking for something different? A very fun way to spice things up would be to hold your own casino beach party.

This Good Time is No Gamble!

So instead of your everyday campfire, you could rent a couple tables and play numerous card games with your closest family and friends. You could even set the tables up around the campfire if you wanted to and keep yourself warm while you gamble.

What is great about the party also is that you wouldn’t have to even wager real money on the games, that way everyone would go home happy. One obvious reason it would be fun is the fact that all of this would be taking place in the sand while the calm night tide rolls in! This will really make for a great time that you and your guests won’t soon forget.

Carte Blanche Casino offers casino game rentals throughout Dallas, Texas for numerous types of events. Whether its blackjack, roulette or craps, we will get you what you need to make sure that everyone at your party has a good time! For more information on our services and party packages, please contact us today!


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